The Roolo® Dog Treat Dispenser

Get the ultimate enrichment toy for your pooches play-time with our scientifically designed, treat-dispensing dog toy, perfect for all breeds and sizes!


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Not Just Another Dog Toy

The Roolo® is transforming canine enrichment with its unique, self-propelling design, challenging your dog's mind and body. Just 15 minutes of play equals an hour of walkies, perfect for busy or rainy days.

Crafted from durable, dog-friendly rubber, the Roolo® encourages slow feeding, aids digestion, and prevents boredom. Give your dog the ultimate enrichment experience with the Roolo®!

Meet the Roolo®

Hyper rewarding
Easy to load
For all types of dog
Highly enriching
Perfect for scent work
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Designed in the UK

Trainer Approved

100% Dog Safe

Meet the Roolo®

Why the Roolo® makes the perfect canine companion.

The shape of the Roolo® is based on the unique Reuleaux tetrahedron – a shape of constant width that allows for erratic and self-propelling movement.

Roolo® Wireframe inspired by a Reuleaux Tetrahedron

The more your pooch plays with the Roolo®, the more they learn, increasing their cognitive skills, agility, and coordination.

Whether your doggo just wants to play, you need them to eat slower, or you’re both in the mood for some turbocharged training, the Roolo® delivers on all counts.

Play9 believes that dog’s health and safety is absolutely paramount so the Roolo® is made from non-toxic, food safe, and super durable TPR material.

The Roolo® plays on ALL surfaces and although most will use the Roolo® inside, you can venture into the outdoors too!

We designed the Roolo® to cater for the needs of all dogs, no matter the breed, shape, or size. Every pooch deserves to play and learn!

We love our planet and want to make sure it remains the best place for all creatures, so we ensure that our whole manufacturing and delivery process is ethical and sustainable.

Benefits of the Roolo®

Provides Stimulation

Did you know 15 minutes of Roolo® play = roughly 1 hour of walkies? This is due to the fact that dogs need to fully utilise all of their instincts when using it.

The Roolo® encourages your waglet to problem solve, engage in scent work, and use all of their intellectual and physical abilities simultaneously… and be regularly rewarded for doing so!

Supercharged Training

Regular training builds doggo confidence, increases IQ, provides mental stimulation, strengthens the human-animal bond, and keeps your waggers happy and healthy.

We believe training is essential and it’s never too late to start. Dogs LOVE to develop their skills and the Roolo® allows for extremely effective and successful training!

Manage Behaviour

The engrossing nature of the Roolo® captivates your pooch by rewarding them for their focus and ability to ignore distractions.

Many dogs are anxious, nervous, or over excited, but by introducing them to a hyper-rewarding way of playing and learning it helps to alleviate these issues.

Aids Digestion

Rapid eating in dogs can cause so many problems. So if you have a furry friend that likes to inhale their food without chewing then the Roolo® is the perfect companion.

By slowing the rate of consumption, interspersed with pawing, nudging, rolling and nosing, the Roolo® emulates the hunting process and allows for much healthier digestion.



The Roolo® works with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. 95% of the time they will take to it right away. However in some cases, especially if treat dispensing toys are new to your pooch, then an element of training will need to be involved. This usually takes only 5-10 minutes.

If your doggo is new to treat dispensing toys then they may need a few minutes of training to help them to understand how to use it. We especially love when this is the case as experiencing the penny drop moment is priceless!

If your dog is not currently very well trained then no problem, it’s NEVER too late to work with your pooch. The old adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ couldn’t be further from the truth! Dogs literally love to train, and the Roolo® makes training easy. Start with simple cues like ‘sit’, and ‘paw’ by using the Roolo® as the reward and you’ll have the next Lassie in no time!

The Roolo® is extremely easy to use and also comes with super simple instructions which shows you exactly how to train your doggo to use it if they are unfamiliar with treat dispensers. This process usually only takes a few minutes.

We purposely built the Roolo® to be as durable as possible. However it is very important to understand that there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. The Roolo® is not a chew toy and should be taken away from your wagger immediately if they begin to chew.

We can, however, promise that it is made from super safe, non-toxic material that’s completely fit for dogs. The purpose of the Roolo® is to be used as a treat dispenser so once your dog understands how to use it they should realise that it’s not a chew toy and in turn play with it as such.

We know how dirty dog toys can get so we made the Roolo® a piece of cake to clean. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe it down whenever you need to. If you want to clean the inside then just rinse cold or warm water through it and then leave it to dry. Use a small amount of washing up liquid if required.

In a word: Science! We did a considerable amount of research making sure we chose a colour for the Roolo® that is perfect for pooches.

Did you know that dogs are red-green colour blind?

Meaning they can only discern blue and yellow. Experts agree that dogs see blue the best, so we went with that!

At Play9 dog welfare is our number one priority. With that in mind we would never recommend leaving your pooch alone with any toy, even one as super safe as the Roolo®.

The Roolo® was made in blue for the scientific reason mentioned above, but that’s not to say we won’t come up with future variants if that’s what your waggers want. In the future we may even run special editions with different patterns and designs…

We wanted to create the Roolo® for ALL shapes and sizes of dogs. We have found the current size to be the one that allows for waggers from Pomeranians to Great Danes to enjoy it. That being said, we are always open to your suggestions and will listen if you want to see bigger or smaller Roolo’s® in the future!

The Roolo® is designed to be used with dry treats and you can use whichever ones your furry friend loves best.

We like to mix it up with smaller treats for quicker and easier dispersion and larger treats for slower more difficult dispersion.

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