Our Story

Our Mission

Here at Play9 we love all animals, but we find something extra special about our fantastic furry friend, the canine. Just like humans, dogs have a passion to learn, desire stimulation, and crave appreciation and belonging.

We started Play9 with one simple mission: to empower pooches through training, giving them the opportunity to be happier, healthier, and better understood.

We’ve set out to take on the world of dogs and we’re stopping at nothing to ensure that more and more waggers are given the lives they deserve.

We are here to help educate first timers, nurture seasoned owners, and run alongside dog professionals at the forefront of innovation within this industry… and to boop a bunch of snoots in the process ;P

Who Are We?

The Play9 team is made up of professional trainers, groomers, and long-time dog lovers husband and wife Lee & Hannah, family friends Rich & John, and of course the big boss… Tuki-dog 🐶

Just like you, we LOVE dogs, which is why we treat them as equals. We believe all pooches deserve to be happy, fulfilled, enriched, and appreciated.

We are continually developing and honing our skills to make certain we help as many of these amazing creatures as possible!

Join our Play9 family and help us to make the world the best place possible for our awesome canine friends!

Our Morals

Play9 is a 100% R+, force-free outfit where dog welfare is at the very top of our list. We are unwavering in our beliefs that all training should be nothing other than humane, non-coercive, and positive.

We want to live in a world where dogs are not subject to punitive measures, physical or verbal punishment, or intimidation. When you put time, effort, love, caring, and understanding into your doggo the results are always phenomenal!

No animals should ever be bullied, mistreated, or hurt, and we are doing everything we can to get our message out there to as many people as possible.

If you are in line with our mission then we know you are going to find a great amount of value and purpose in being part of what we are building.

The Journey So Far

Play9 hasn’t been around for long, and with only 5 of us (one of whom actually being a dog), we have been running as fast as we can to serve you and your pooches!

We have put our heart and soul into building a strong community of like minded dog lovers just like you and we can’t even begin to express how rewarding it is to know there are so many more people out there that want to make the world a better place for pooches just like we do.

This is just the beginning…

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